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VC 23109

VC 23109 or California Vehicle Code 23109 encompasses traffic laws about speed contests or exhibition of speed in the state of California. This vehicle code states that a speed contest in any manner is a violation of law and has serious consequences.

Drivers charged with a speed exhibition or speed contest violation according to VC 23109 will receive 2 points on their driver’s license. This misdemeanor charge also carries fines from $355 to $1000 and possibly a jail sentence of up to 90 days.

Section 23109 (c)
Notes 47
Offense Engaging in or Abetting Exhibition of Speed Prohibited
Base Fine / Fee 75
State PA* 80
County PA*/10 56
DNA PA* 40
Court PA*/10 40
Surcharge* 15
EMS PA* /10 16
Fine Surcharge & PA Subtotal 326
Court OPS 40
Conv. Assess. 35
Night Court 1
TAP Fee 0
Total Bail ** / Fee 402
Category 4a
DMV Points 2