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Overweight Ticket

Overweight TicketDrivers of commercial vehicles are often under a lot of pressure on the road. They may be running late on a delivery, which directly affects the amount of money they earn. When commercial drivers are in a hurry to get somewhere, they may take shortcuts and neglect to properly balance and weigh their load. This oversight can result in the issuance of an overweight ticket. In certain areas, these tickets are issued for a failure to properly flag a wide load or operating a truck that is overweight in regards to the permit the commercial driver possesses. There are a number of reasons an overweight ticket may be issued, but the effects almost always involve a hefty fine.

Effects of an Overweight Ticket

Fines for this violation start as low $20 for those regarding excess weight on a single axle and can reach heights of $2,000. These fines certainly make a dent in the salary of a commercial driver. In addition, court or convenience fees often add to the price of an overweight ticket. The prices of fines vary depending on the state and even the county where the violation occurred. Even on a first infraction, drivers can be hit with a huge fine. For infractions happening on a bridge or overpass, the fees may rise even higher.

What to Do about an Overweight Ticket

Paying thousand dollar fees is not doable for many commercial truck drivers. Load weight limits can vary in certain areas, and occasionally, drivers are not aware of adjustments made to these limits. In cases like these, an overweight ticket can often be contested. Our traffic ticket attorney has handled many cases involving tickets of this nature and can help see fines reduced or struck from the record. Call our traffic ticket office today to schedule a consultation regarding your overweight ticket.