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U-Turn Ticket

U-Turn TicketWhen you do not follow the traffic laws, you may wind up with a ticket that requires you to pay a fine. While it is perfectly legal to make a u-turn under a variety of circumstances in the State of California, there are also times where motorists are not permitted to do so. In these cases, it is illegal and may result in a u-turn ticket.

Like other types of traffic tickets, a u-turn ticket in the State of California can range in the hundreds of dollars due to additional surcharges, fees, assessments, and penalty assessments. The best way to avoid receiving a traffic ticket is to avoid making an infraction of the traffic laws in effect. Knowing the rules about u-turns can mean the difference between executing a legal and an illegal u-turn.

You may make a legal u-turn when it is safe and legal to do so. Such times may include at protected intersections through traffic signs or traffic signals or in less populated areas with the appropriate visibility. You can never make a u-turn in areas where there are posted restrictions, on or near a railroad crossing, in areas with limited visibility, across divided lanes unless there is a legal opening, on one-way streets, where you may cause a collision with other motorists, in front of fire stations, or in business districts or areas that are designated as such. If you are caught, you will receive a u-turn ticket and pay the fine.

If you have received a u-turn ticket and have questions or need further assistance, contact a qualified traffic ticket attorney to answer your questions and help with your case. Hiring an attorney may help reduce the impact that a traffic offense has on your driving record, which can also affect your insurance rates.