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Traffic Ticket Advice

Traffic Ticket AdviceGetting pulled over by a police officer is an uncomfortable occurrence. No matter the offense—whether it is running a red light, making an illegal U-turn, or speeding—chances are, you will receive a traffic ticket if you were in the wrong. Occasionally, even drivers obeying the law receive traffic tickets. These can involve hefty fines, the state of California issuing some of the highest costing tickets in the nation, some adding up to $500.

Letting a traffic ticket go unpaid is not always a good solution, as this can have detrimental effects on your life as a driver. Traffic violations can often lead to:

•    A spike in your auto insurance rate
This often only happens with drivers who have been charged with two or more moving violations, such as speeding or running a read light, within a 3-5 year period.

•    License suspension
Being issued 3 or more moving violations within a 3-5 year period may result in your license being temporarily suspended.

•    Jail time
This repercussion is reserved solely for those who have committed serious driving offenses, like drunk or reckless driving.

If you have received a traffic ticket and believe it was undeserved, consult our traffic ticket attorney for help.