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Texting While Driving Ticket

Texting While Driving TicketMost of us have our cell phones nearby 24/7, even in our cars, and using them while driving is awfully tempting. It is best to avoid this temptation, as those who constantly text are estimated 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident. State officials across the nation are cracking down on these violations and issuing many a texting while driving ticket.

What Is California Law?

Receiving a texting while driving ticket is a relatively new thing, as cell phones are only several years old. California, like many other states, prohibits the use of handheld cell phones, whether for talking or texting, while driving. Drivers can freely use Bluetooth and other hands-free devices for communication in the car. You can also legally use the speaker function on a wireless phone. Drivers under 18 cannot use cell phones or any hands-free devices while behind the wheel. The only exception in this case is an emergency situation that warrants use of a cell phone. Passengers are free to use cell phones as much as they like. This law applies to anyone driving in the state of California.

Are There Any Exceptions to the Law?

You will not receive a texting while driving ticket if you use a handheld cell phone:

•    To make an emergency call
•    While operating an emergency vehicle
•    While operating a vehicle on private property

How Much Will a Texting While Driving Ticket Cost?

For the first offense, you can expect to pay roughly $75 for your ticket. The second offense skyrockets to nearly $200. A cell phone violation will not appear on your driving record and so has no effect on your insurance rates.

For more information regarding texting while driving tickets, call our office today to speak to our traffic ticket attorney.