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Stop Sign Ticket

Stop Sign TicketThat good old California stop can certainly get a driver or two in trouble if law enforcement happens to be in close proximity at the time. Failure to stop at a stop sign can result in a stop sign ticket which is likely to have a sizable fee attached to it. Last year, fees attached to traffic tickets rose significantly throughout the state. A ticket for rolling through a stop sign may now cost an offender over $200. Knowing what is acceptable in regards to driving through a stop signs is the first step in avoiding a traffic ticket.

What Does the Law Say about Stop Signs?

When a car arrives at a stop sign, drivers must make a complete stop at the limit line. In cases where a limit line is worn off or missing, the vehicle must stop at the entrance to the intersecting road or railroad crossing. Failure to do so may result in a stop sign ticket. Slowly rolling through the intersection or treating the stop sign more like a yield sign is illegal by law.

Is Every Issued Stop Sign Ticket Valid?

In some cases, officers may issue a ticket for a stop sign violation when the driver is actually not at fault. Common instances where this occurs include:
•    The stop sign is obscured

Occasionally things get in the way of stop signs. Whether these are a tree branch or a person, if you cannot see the sign, you are unable to stop.
•    You stopped farther back

Some drivers that are issued a stop sign ticket may have fully stopped their car prior to the limit line, and the ticket-issuing officer may not have seen this happen.

In some cases a newly installed stop sign or a faded limit line can result in missed stops and traffic tickets. In cases like these, our traffic ticket attorney can help drivers defend themselves. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with our lawyer.