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Speeding Ticket

Speeding TicketIf you are caught exceeding the speed limit in the state of California, you may receive a speeding ticket. Even those traveling one mile per hour over the speed limit may receive a ticket with a fine that may be in excess of $200.00 for such an infraction. While the state may set the ticket amounts, each county can make changes to this limit and may add to this amount.

The state sets an amount for speeding, often referred to as the base fine. This amount is set for a certain range of miles over the speed limit that a person is traveling. Although the state may set a base fine for speeding throughout the state, each county is able to change this amount as well as to add to this for a higher total fine. Additionally, the state itself will add an additional 20 percent to this base fine as a surcharge.

While the total cost of the speeding ticket may range in the hundreds of dollars, the actual fine itself may be well under $100.00. This is because each county may also add more cost through state and county assessments and penalty assessments. These may involve court facilities, DNA identification, and emergency medical service costs that are not associated with the speeding ticket but are allowable under state law. Points may add up on your license, raising insurance rates.

The best way to avoid these types of fines is to travel within the posted speed limit. However, if you have received a speeding ticket and are concerned over how to reduce the impact on your driving record, contact a qualified traffic ticket attorney to discuss your case. An attorney can help make recommendations or may be of assistance if you decide to take your speeding ticket to court.