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Red Light Ticket

Red Light Ticket copyWhile most motorists know it is illegal to run a red light, it can still happen if you are not paying adequate attention to the traffic signals, you are in a hurry, or for many other reasons. If you run a traffic signal, chances are you will receive a red light ticket. While you may be pulled over for such an offense, you may instead receive such a ticket in the mail with a photograph of your car running the red light.

Like other traffic tickets in the State of California, a red light ticket includes the base fine as well as additionally assessed charges, such as penalty assessments for various funds within the county. These funds are used for DNA identification, emergency medical services, and the construction and maintenance of court facilities, among other things. In addition, both the state and county can add surcharges to the base fine. This will make the total cost of paying your ticket much higher than the original base fine.

There is a chance you may receive a red light ticket along with a photograph in the mail. While many will have you believe that you can ignore such a ticket, this is not always the case. Non-payment of these tickets may result in collection efforts or may even affect your driving record, so you may wish to contact a qualified attorney.

If you have received a red light ticket and have more questions or need assistance, it is important to contact a qualified and experienced traffic ticket attorney before the payment of the fine is due and before making any payments on such a ticket. The attorney can answer any questions you may have as well as provide recommendations or assistance to help reduce the impact on your driving record.