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Red Light Camera Ticket

Red Light Camera TicketRumors have recently been buzzing around LA concerning red light camera tickets and there being limited to no repercussions for not paying them. Though LA County will not report a lack of action on paying a red light camera ticket, many other California counties and U.S. states still respect traffic infractions caught with a red light camera.

How Does a Red Light Camera Work?

At busy intersections across the country, stealthy little cameras are perched alongside traffic lights and pointed at oncoming traffic. While the light is red, should a vehicle pass over a sensor placed at the intersection, photos are snapped of the front and back license plate, as well as the person driving the vehicle. A red light camera ticket and in many cases the photos of the violating vehicle are then mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Is the Owner or the Driver Responsible for the Ticket?

In the majority of states allowing red light camera speed enforcement, the driver is responsible for paying a red light camera ticket, even if he or she does not own the vehicle captured in the photo.

What to Do With a Red Light Camera Ticket?

If you receive a ticket for a red light violation, request photos if they were not included in the mailed envelope. These allow you to ensure you were driving the vehicle when it was running the red light. In some cases, these tickets are sent to the wrong recipients. In some instances, these tickets are defensible. If you ran a red light to avoid an accident or to allow a lit up fire truck to race through the intersection, then you may not have to pay the ticket. Our traffic ticket attorney can discuss your options for absolving yourself of a red light camera ticket. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with our lawyer.