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No Insurance Ticket

No Insurance TicketAll traffic tickets seem to induce sticker shock, but a no insurance ticket can be one of the most expensive violations out there, in many states resulting in hefty fines or even license suspension. In California, having no insurance or an out-of-date insurance policy is a reprehensible offense, and car insurance is required to not only drive a car but also to park it on a public road.

Penalties for Having No Car Insurance

If you are pulled over with an out-of-date automobile insurance policy, you will be issued a no insurance ticket. You will be given 45 days to provide proof of new insurance, and failing to do so will result in a one-year suspension of your vehicle registration. If you are pulled over and you have no car insurance whatsoever, penalties are much harsher. You may be slapped with expensive fines, and your license may be suspended. To reinstate your license, you must provide proof of insurance.

Other Side Effects of a No Insurance Ticket

Aside from the ticket fee, there are other potential associated costs should you receive this type of ticket. When you do seek to purchase automobile insurance, your premiums will automatically be more expensive. Insurance companies have access to DMV records, and no insurance violations will mark you as a high risk driver, resulting in higher insurance policy costs.

How to Avoid a No Insurance Ticket

The state of California requires all drivers to have a valid auto insurance policy in order to legally operate a vehicle. The best way to avoid a no insurance ticket is to abide by the law and pay for car insurance. Be sure to keep your insurance policy in date. Should you let your policy lapse and find yourself with a traffic ticket, contact our traffic ticket lawyer for help.