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How to Protect Your Right

How to Protect Your RightTraffic tickets can make a dent in not only your wallet, but also your self-esteem as a driver. Whenever you receive a traffic ticket, no matter the offense, here are some simple things you can do to protect your rights as a driver.

•    Research traffic laws
The better informed you are, the more prepared for court you will be.

•    Check your ticket for errors
Ensure the date, time, spelling of your name, and all other details on your traffic ticket are correct. Judges occasionally drop tickets including incorrect or insubstantial information.

•    Take notes

Immediately after receiving a traffic ticket, take detailed notes regarding the specifics of the event. Write down what the officer said, record the time of day and where it happened. Taking photos of the scene can help later should something visual like street signage play into the case.

Serious traffic violations like driving recklessly or drunk can lead to jail time. Although running a red light will not land you in the clink, you may have to pay a hefty fine or attend traffic school. Receiving more than one moving violation, such as speeding, in a 3-5 year period can also drive up your auto insurance payment.

To receive more information regarding traffic tickets and protecting your rights, schedule a consultation with our traffic ticket attorney.