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HOV Lane Ticket

HOV Lane TicketSouthern California traffic is notorious across the nation. Drive down most highways at any time of day, and you will likely be tempted to hop into the carpool or HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane to get where you are going faster. Doing so could easily become a $500 mistake. At minimum, a HOV lane ticket will cost roughly $481, and the fine goes up for repeat offenders. Unlike Northern California, HOV lane rules in the southern part of the state are in full effect 24/7.

Here are some common questions drivers have regarding HOV lane tickets:

Why Do HOV Lanes Exist?
Originally installed in the latter half of the 20th century, HOV lanes were intended to cut back on fuel emissions by encouraging drivers to commute to work together. Whether or not they actually succeed in this original intention is debatable.

Who Can Lawfully Use the HOV Lane?
Vehicles with two or more occupants, motorcycles, and mass transit vehicles like busses can legally use the HOV lane any time of day.

Will a HOV Lane Violation Count Against My License?

Wrongful use of the HOV lane does not a moving violation make, so there are no points stacked up on your driving record and thus no need to attend traffic school if you are issued a HOV lane ticket. Should you pass over a double yellow line to get in or out of the HOV lane, you may be hit with a moving violation which can result in points on your license and mandatory traffic school attendance.

Are There Any Legal Exceptions for Single Occupancy Use of the HOV lane?

Yes. If you are operating a motorcycle, you can use the HOV lane.

If you need help dealing with a HOV lane ticket, call our office today to schedule a consultation with our traffic ticket attorney.