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DUI Ticket

DUI TicketReceiving any sort of police-issued traffic ticket is a serious offense, but a DUI ticket is in a category all its own.  The consequences of driving under the influence can be lethal. In 2007, the state of California reported almost 1,500 road fatalities involving alcohol use. This same year, there were over 200,000 DUI arrests. A DUI can lead to jail time, even for a first offense. At the very least, a first DUI often results in automatic license suspension for 6 months. If you are issued a DUI ticket, a traffic ticket lawyer may be able to help you make your case in court.

How DUIs Can Happen

Many people who are smart about their recreational drinking may think a DUI ticket is off the table for them. Even if you taxi home after a night of drinking, the effects linger into the morning. You may think you have properly sobered up, but you could be terribly wrong. Every hour after drinking, your BAC (blood alcohol content) lowers at a rate of roughly .015 % per hour. This means if you get only 5 hours of sleep after drinking, your BAC is probably still above the legal limit. If you hop behind the wheel to drive yourself to work, you may be charged with a DUI.

Where a DUI Ticket Can Lead

•    License suspension
•    Hefty fines
•    Jail time
•    Community service
•    DUI school

How to Avoid DUIs

•    Opt out of driving
If you’ve been drinking, it is tempting to hop behind the wheel to get home. Before you do, call a friend or use an affordable online transportation service like Uber. In cases like these, it is much better to be safe than sorry, as a DUI ticket can have detrimental effects on your driving record.

If you believe you are sober and choose to drive anyway, you may still be issued a DUI. Call our traffic ticket attorney to see what options there are as far as defending your case.