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Cell Phone Ticket

Cell Phone TicketCell phones and smartphones have enhanced our lives, allowing access to constant communication and endless information anywhere we go. It is certainly tempting to use our cell phones to text or make calls from our cars, but California law currently prohibits all cell phone usage when behind the wheel. Drivers under 18 are further restricted from using hands-free devices like Blue Tooth. If you are driving and caught talking on your phone, you may be issued a cell phone ticket.

When to Use a Cell Phone in the Car

Many people across the nation have safety concerns when it comes to operating cell phones in the car, which has led a slew of states to freely issue cell phone tickets and put new laws on the books prohibiting their usage. In some instances, of course, using a cell phone in a car is necessary.

You may legally use a cell phone while driving:

•    In case of an emergency
If need be, you can use your cell phone to dial law enforcement, 911, the fire department, or other emergency services.
•    If you are operating an emergency vehicle
•    If you are operating a vehicle on private property
•    If you are using a cell phone as a navigation device
This is still being fully approved in many areas, but it looks as if this allowance will become the norm across the state.

What Does a Cell Phone Ticket Entail?

For a first offense of cell phone use in a car, you will pay roughly $75. This amount nearly triples for a second offense. While a cell phone use violation will appear on your driving record, it will not count as a point against you.

If you have been issued a cell phone ticket or would like more information on cell phone use infractions on the road, contact our traffic ticket attorney.